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The Food Service Wellness Institute™

Setting the Benchmark for Wellness Excellence in Onsite Dining

Elevate Your Healthy Dining Choices
into Healthy Dining Experiences

Over the past decade, wellness has emerged as a pivotal force in the onsite foodservice industry.


Nutrition has been our key focus, and we continue to heavily invest in wellness programming that centers around healthy dining choices for physical wellness.


However, wellness has evolved into a new era, from "physical" into "whole person" wellness. By shifting our focus from offering healthy dining choices to delivering healthy dining experiences, we can enhance multiple areas of wellness and strategically align with our clients and customers in this next generation of wellness.  


But we're not moving past healthy choices. 


✔ We lack industry guidance on how to approach wellness more holistically 

✔ We lack defined goals and expectations for wellness outcomes.

✔ We have no benchmark for what wellness really means outside of good nutrition. 

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Wine & Dine

Lacking clear definition for wellness 

Unlike other industries that have incorporated wellness with a clear definition around goals, expectations and outcomes from a leading authority, our industry has been left on its own to "figure wellness out".

A lack of definition from an industry authority has led to diverse interpretations, and a disconnected industry with no real measurement standard for wellness success, or value on our investment.

So it's no wonder that our industry doesn't view wellness as a valuable opportunity.

It's time to step away from the hype of wellness as an obligatory challenge, and view it as a business investment opportunity.


It's Time For The Foodservice Wellness Institute™

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Wine & Dine

The Foodservice Wellness Institute™ 



Empowering onsite dining to reach best in class benchmarks for wellness excellence.

To be valued as onsite foodservice industry's leading wellness authority.


  • Institute standards of wellness excellence for best in class programming to enhance the value of wellness.


  • Connect onsite foodservice to the rapid evolution of wellness through convenient access to education and resources centered around the latest science, legislation, market research, and best practices.


  • Empower onsite foodservice with wellness expertise to align with client organizational wellness initiatives, and deliver experiences that address whole person wellness.

  • Facilitate effective integration between onsite dining and organizational wellness.

  • Serve as a strong united front to seize opportunities, address concerns, and influence change including industry policy, guidelines, and legislation.

Become an FSWI Partner
and a Frontrunner in Wellness Excellence

At FSWI, we know you work hard to meet the wellness demands of the organizations you service. We also know that a lack  of industry standards and direction has created a winding, expensive pathway to providing wellness solutions. 


As our partner, we provide clear and credible pathways to wellness that position you as a leading provider for your clients.

We support our partners with the following
  • Guidance, direction and support for credible, cost-effective and tailored  approaches to wellness
  • Training and certification  to set a new precedence in wellness excellence 
  • Strategic ongoing alliances through access to resources and the latest on wellness trends, legislation, and best practices.
  • Industry recognition through the  “Center of Wellness Excellence” certification for enhanced impact and leadership positioning
Elevate Your Foodservice Operation

Are You Eligible for FSWI Partnership and The 'Certified Center of Wellness Excellence' Seal?

FSWI offers eligible onsite foodservice providers wishing to enhance their wellness approach the exclusive opportunity to partner with us and become leaders in wellness for the onsite foodservice industry!

If your organization strives to be the best in wellness, and you’re ready to bring credibility, and excellence to every aspect of your wellness programming, see if you're eligible to step into a partnership with FSWI that empowers you to lead the charge in the onsite foodservice industry’s wellness transformation.


Enhance your credibility through standards for best-in-class programming and achieve the coveted “Certified Center of Wellness Excellence” seal to position your service as the best in the industry.

Schedule a call with the FSWI team to determine your eligibility 

Enhancing Your Wellness Efforts is Good for Organizations, Their Populations, & You!

A partnership with FSWI doesn’t mean starting from scratch or replacing your wellness efforts. Instead, we support you to enhance your unique approach by creating industry benchmarks and providing the resources you need to amplify your impact and reach the standards of wellness that organizations increasingly expect!

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