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The Food Service Wellness Institute™

Connecting  Onsite Dining to the Next Generation of Wellness


Why Bother with Wellness?

The Food Service Wellness Institute™

Enhancing The Value Onsite Dining Brings to Client Organizations as Leading Drivers of Wellbeing

Wellness has entered a whole new era  for our diners and clients 
and addressing it is a whole new ballgame

Wellness has become a top priority for onsite foodservice, but it's no longer just about offering healthier choices that promote physical health. 

From the "healthy choice" to the "healthy experience". 

It's now about whole-person wellness. Delivering dining experiences that enhance diners' quality of life. Those that impact their physical health, but also their mental, emotional, social and other areas of wellbeing, including how they feel, think and perform. 

This new era of wellness demands new knowledge and skills, specialized resources, and new approaches.

And that's where we come in....
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The COVID Pandemic
has put safety at the forefront
of wellness with an emphasis on ensuring safe food, regulated practices, and safe staff and customer experiences.

All part of enhancing
whole-person wellness.  

Empowering onsite foodservice with the knowledge and resources, 
to connect to the next generation of wellness, strengthening client partnerships and enhancing our industry's value proposition as leading drivers of wellbeing

Our Mission

We connect onsite foodservice to the rapid evolution of wellness through convenient access to education and resources centered around the latest science, legislation, market research, and best practices



Our Vision

To be recognized as onsite foodservice industry’s leading wellness authority

Our Objectives

  • Serve as the onsite foodservice's vehicle for industry-focused education, resources, and market research 


  • Empower onsite foodservice with wellness expertise to align with client organizational wellness strategies, and provide diner experiences that address multiple areas of wellbeing 


  • Facilitate effective integration between onsite dining and organizational wellness 


  • Serve as a strong united front to seize opportunities, address concerns, and influence change  including  industry policy, guidelines, and legislation



  • Provide a vehicle for industry members to promote and share wellness concepts, ideas, and best practices



Acquire the expertise you need in today's wellness-driven market.


FSWC certification is recognized by the following national organizations for continuing education credits  

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Wellness Insights

Impact of COVID-19 on food trends 

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