Is Online Food Service Wellness Training Right For You?

It's no longer optional for those in food service to gain expertise in wellness in order to be competitive and successful within the industry.

It's essential.

  • The marketplace is becoming increasingly health-driven
  • Customers are demanding healthier choices 
  • Clients are seeking more wellness solutions from their food industry partners
  • The government is legislating it
  • Employers are seeking specialized skills in the health and wellness arena.  

However, It is becoming increasingly difficult, costly and time consuming to gain this expertise.

There is so much confusion and complexity when it comes to nutrition and it is difficult to know where to go to get credible, reliable information.

Why The Food Service Wellness Institute?

  • Empower and engage foodservice personnel with the comprehensive knowledge needed to meet customers’ demand for healthy items with command and confidence

  • Become wellness certified with nutrition and wellness knowledge that is specifically focused to the food service industry

  • Obtain continuing education credits approved by the American Culinary Federation, The Association for Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals and the Certifying Board for Dietary Managers

  • Gain nutrition and wellness clarity and expertise in a very efficient way

  • Approach wellness with more credibility and consistency by providing multiple members from the same organization with uniform knowledge

The expertise you need in today's competitive, health-driven marketplace.