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About Wellness & Onsite Dining

In today’s competitive, health-driven market, every onsite dining company offers wellness programming to meet the strong client and consumer demand, whether they be corporate, healthcare, senior living or education.  


Wellness presents challenges to onsite dining, and also offers strong opportunities, many of which are being overlooked. It's one of the few ways to differentiate, strategically align with clients, and enhance our value proposition.  But instead of realizing these opportunities, we're is caught in the undertow of challenges. 

The videos below highlight these challenges and identify how the Foodservice Wellness Institute™ can provide the support and direction our industry needs to overcome them, and to seize the strong opportunities wellness presents.

Wellness and Onsite Dining: Challenges & Opportunities



Click on each of the four videos below that describe the main wellness challenges for onsite dining
1. Defining "Wellness": What does it Mean to Our Industry and to the Organizations we Serve? 
2. Difficulty Keeping Up with Evolving Consumer Views of Wellness
3. Lack of Strategic Alignment with Client Organizations in The Next Generation Wellness
Need for Updated Wellness Skills and Expertise 


Click on the video below to learn more about the opportunities wellness presents onsite dining, including stronger partnerships with our client organizations and enhancing our value proposition.

These opportunities generate from modifying how our industry approaches wellness: Changing our focus from offering healthy dining choices to delivering healthy dining experiences.   

Suggestions on how we can support you? 

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