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This exciting and on-trend program features food that has exceptionally high nutrient content (oftentimes referred to as “super foods”). These foods are highlighted and incorporated into menu items for customers to enjoy while educational materials inform customers about the features of these foods. 


The components of this program include promotional and educational posters and flyers, sticker templates, a point of sale menu item template and an implementation guide.


Nourished is an efficient and easy way to give your customers the opportunity to further enhance the nutrient profile of their menu items by offering nutrient-rich ingredients and promoting their nutritional benefit.


Choose from a variety of programs in the Freshpicks Station Concepts Series including "Super Salads", Powerbowls and more.

FreshPicks Power Bowl CATEGORY MAIN IMAG

Resources in this series include a set of educational short snippets displayed on colorful signage. These signs are displayed at “teachable moments” near the food item being explained to promote a healthy choice. The other program includes a set of educational articles on nutrition “hot topics” to be handed out in the café, or posted on the company website.

Healthy Dining Educational Series  CATEG

Build or enhance a healthy dining program with these turn-key collections of customizable digital toolkits. Receive over menu items with associated recipes, point of sale signs, nutrient labels, marketing & promotional materials and more.

Healthy Dining Genie Toolkits CATEGORY M
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