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The Food Service Wellness Institute™

Empowering the onsite food service industry with the knowledge and expertise to deliver wellness solutions with command and confidence.

Why Bother with Wellness?

Our industry recognizes that incorporating wellness is part of doing business. It's just something we have to do.


But it can be more than that. Onsite food service establishments that are fully engaged and committed to promoting health and wellness recognize the significant value it brings.


  • They appreciate the critical link between thriving people, thriving organizations and their own success.


  • They know that promoting wellbeing through onsite dining is one of the most powerful ways to develop deep, long-lasting connections with customers while reinforcing the necessity and value onsite foodservice brings to organizations.


  • They recognize that by proactively addressing wellness, they get more than traditional loyalty... They get vocal, engaged advocates!

       The Food Service Wellness Institute™

Connecting you to wellness in a whole new way!

Whether you are an onsite foodservice manager, chef, field support, or corporate executive, FSWI keeps you connected to evolving wellness trends, supports your initiatives, offers you more opportunities, and provides multiple benefits to you and the industry at large. 

Our Mission

FSWI with TM small.png
Strengthening the
Value Proposition  
of Onsite Food Service as a Leading Driver of Wellbeing

Our Mission

Foodservice with white and TM.png
Foodservice with white and TM.png

Empower and engage your team with wellness expertise through FSWC certification programs

Promote successes and share best practices through connections with other industry members

Build strength in your wellness approach  with consistent training across the board

Enhance the value you offer organizations as an essential component of wellness

Meet legislation with more credibility and clarity 

Stay ahead of evolving wellness trends through  a variety of education platforms and market research

Approach wellness with ease through our convenient one-stop-shop for tools, resources and education specifically focused to our industry

Experience greater efficiently through FSWI's focus on addressing industry challenges and influencing change where needed.

Do you "need to" or "want to" promote wellness?

So you know that promoting wellness is a good idea. But how motivated are you? Do you see it as something you "need to do", or "want to do"?


Our industry demands a lot. There is so much to focus on. Who has time for wellness not to mention its complexity, the need to keep up with evolving trends, the need for training, education, resources and so much more. 


But what if things were different?

What if wellness was simple, painless, and easy to keep ahead of trends?


What if wellness could provide you with opportunities you never envisioned, such as fosting emotional connections with customers, turning them into advocates, creating stronger connections with the organizations you serve and improving the value you bring?


What if wellness could be something you embraced and looked forward to offering?

That's where we come in...

Wellness Insights

Today's Feature

2019 Food Trends

Benefit from more opportunities in the wellness arena

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