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A Strong Food Service Wellness Approach Starts with Training

Updated: May 5, 2019

Building team knowledge and empowering food service employees to deliver wellness solutions with command and confidence is the cornerstone to success.

However, building a training program can be costly and time consuming. And knowing where to go to get credible information is close to impossible today when the marketplace is filled with mixed messages about what “healthy eating” means.

Taking the Overwhelm Out Of Wellness and Healthy Dining

This unique all-in-one course has been created by The Food service Wellness Institute™, with the expertise of a seasoned team of nutrition and food service professionals who have compiled best practices from years of developing and implementing healthy dining and wellness initiatives in over 6000 establishments nationwide.

Empower your food service teams with the expertise they need to meet the strong consumer demand for healthy items while they earn their FSWC designation and continuing education credits.

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