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FSWI is Here to Support the Food Service Industry and You

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

The pressure is on! Onsite food service is expected to address the strong consumer demand for wellness. But there lacks an easy, convenient way to access credible tools, resources and education to support wellness endeavors... Until Now.

The Food Service Wellness Institute™ was founded to give us an opportunity to shape the future of wellness for onsite food service by connecting influential wellness leaders and provide valuable support.

Our industry has lacked wellness standards and healthy dining resources, and this institute can now fill the gap by sharing best practices, and providing wellness information, news, market research, product evaluations and more. In addition, through a partnership with ACF, ANFP, and CBDM, a wellness certification for chefs and managers has also been developed (with FSWC designation) to set an important wellness standard for our industry.

Why The Food Service Wellness Institute?

Wellness knowledge and expertise is no longer optional in the food service industry.

It's Essential.

The marketplace is becoming increasingly health-driven. Customers are demanding healthier choices. Clients are seeking more wellness solutions from their food industry partners.The government is legislating it. Employers are seeking specialized skills in the health and wellness arena. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult, costly, and time consuming to gain this expertise.

There is so much confusion and complexity when it comes to nutrition and it is difficult to know where to go to get credible, reliable information, and that's where we come in!

Empower your food service teams with the expertise they need to meet the strong consumer demand for healthy items while they earn their FSWC designation and continuing education credits. Learn more at


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