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Learn What the Food Service Wellness Institute is All About!

Updated: May 5, 2019

Our Mission

The Food Service Wellness Institute™ exists to advance the field of wellness within the onsite segment of the food service industry through sound, credible resources and education, through knowledge creation, and through brokering new and empowering connections.

Our Vision

To be a respected leader in providing credible, current, and meaningful wellness education, tools, and resources to the onsite food service industry resulting from a system of clear communication of mission, vision, and objectives.

Our Objectives

· Define how food service can best support and promote wellness, encompassing biological and psychological well-being, and demonstrated through quality of life.

· Shape the future of wellness for onsite food service by forming a united front to seize opportunities, address concerns, and influence change.

· Provide a trusted vehicle for wellness information based on the latest science and legislation.

· Offer products and support services to organizations that support their food service wellness programming and approach.

· Offer guidelines and standards including certification, product and menu guidelines, to strengthen and standardize the delivery of onsite healthy dining solutions that promote wellness.

· Offer dynamic education that engages students in the learning process. Provide clear learning outcomes and assessment to ensure course mastery and student success.

· Provide insight into new and existing health-related products.

· Provide a vehicle for connection between industry members to communicate, promote and share wellness concepts and ideas.

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